About us


For the last seven years Janice Beattie, Carol Coote, Susan Hertz, Debra Montanini, Amanda Bruce, Comena Hudy & Schelina Jule have hosted an increasingly popular Punchline Comedy Night in Regina, SK.  In its inaugural year, 300 people attended, seven years later, the Comedy Night has grown to over 860 and raised over $477,000 in support of Mental Health in our community. 


Comedians such as Big Daddy Tazz, Tim Nutt, Graham Chittenden, Kelly Taylor, Myles Morrison, Corey Mack, Erica Sigurdson, Dean Jenkinson, Lars Callieou, Sean Lecomber, Mayce Galoni, Rob Pue, Dave Hemstad & Rob Bebenek have all helped us laugh our way to better mental health.


In the first three years the proceeds were donated to the Phoenix Residential Society to support their community based programs, to purchase a new Ford Transit 15 passenger van and over $51,000 of furniture and supplies to house complex needs individuals who are homeless and in need of intensive supports.


For the last four years PLCN proceeds have gone to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Regina Branch whom offer pre-vocation and vocational programming for over 1300 members. Funds were used to renovate their kitchen and to support their holiday food services program where they prepare and serve 11,500 meals every year. Nine Buddy Benches (elementary) and three Awareness Benches (secondary) were installed in various schools throughout Regina. Funds also supported CMHA Regina Branch's community engagement programming, including implementation of training and certificate programs such as "safeTalk" (suicide alertness training) and for staff certification for facilitation of the "ASK" program (suicide alertness in the under 14 age group).  Social programming items included a new pool table, 12 drums, new club chairs, a tv, board games and Wii Fit.


In 2016 the Four Women for Mental Health were awarded a Women of Distinction Award in the Circle of Friends category for their fundraising efforts for Mental Health.

Thank you for supporting “Punchline Comedy Night” and helping CMHA-Regina build a mentally healthy community through Community Engagement.